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Dance monkey dance

My induction course on Egyptian citizenship continues. Over the Eid holiday I completed the ‘shoes treatment and coping strategies’ unit in Dahab, which I wish I’d had much earlier. When I worked as a translator for an Egyptian human right … Continue reading

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So they are still really serious in Heathrow about the new security measures apparently. I arrived at the airport armed with the traditional 23 items of hand luggage, 60 kg worth of suitcase, and the usual blasé attitude that I … Continue reading

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Egypt on my mind

I love this shop’s name, makes me laugh every time I pass it. No clear idea what it sells, though it appears to be filled with incense, spiritual guides and the other assorted crap found in hippy shops. Needless to … Continue reading

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British government takes the piss yet again,,1921258,00.html FO’s human rights report omits attacks on Lebanon · Beckett blames deadline as Israel escapes criticism· Lack of casualty figures to ‘play badly’ with Muslims Ewen MacAskill, diplomatic editorFriday October 13, 2006The Guardian The Foreign Office came under fire … Continue reading

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Effin’ and blindin’

I have always been fascinated by swear words – the way they feel inside your mouth, the reaction they inspire once they leave your mouth – and made it a point to discover the profanities of any new language I … Continue reading

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Money for old rope: a polemic on modern art

Modern art was long ago shoved under ‘bollocks’ in my cerebral filing cabinet (alongside Bono) and ignored. I make no bones about being a philistine and possibly just too dense to appreciate the less immediately obvious concepts allegedly conveyed by … Continue reading

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Romance with low-interest rates

Cousin Mildred [of course not her real name but you will agree that even ridiculous names are better than initials] is making vague and half-hearted attempts to set me up with a man. Aware of my impending return to Cairo … Continue reading

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