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The Cerelac effect

MSN conversation: An ex: Hi ya 3assal. – Winking emoticonAmnesiac: Yes hello.An ex: How is job hunting going?Amnesiac: There is a project which I might be joining, depending on funding.An ex: Project eih?!? You’re going to open a mobile shop … Continue reading

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Dirty knickers

‘Linguistic somersaults in an age of aggression and state terrorism’ is an excellent article in which the author lists commonly occuring instances of doublespeak used by governments and their media acolytes to sanitise and disguise the dirty knickers they do … Continue reading

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An addendum to Forsooth’s debriefing about the events of last Friday night. As we were preparing to leave, severely Inebriated Man was showing signs that he might vomit at any moment, i.e. heaving and swaying between repeated slurring of ‘I’m … Continue reading

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ScUm el donya

I was astonished to discover yesterday that Egypt has a Green Party, an oxymoron if ever there was one. Protecting the environment in Egypt is – unsurprisingly – the main thrust of their platform, and in terms of a challenge … Continue reading

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The taxi-onomy of oppression

I saw a taxi today with a sticker proclaiming li kol zalem nehaya [‘every oppressor meets his end’] which I thought was a powerful variation on the usual ‘baby on board’ and ‘I’d rather be diving’ themes.I will not mention … Continue reading

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The Diary of a Nobody

Why should I not publish my diary? I have often seen reminiscences of people I have never even heard of, and I fail to see — because I do not happen to be a ‘Somebody’ — why my diary should … Continue reading

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Ebony, Ivory and Abdallah

My landline has been on the blink for about a month, despite several thousand complaints to the Egyptian Telecom company. It didn’t bother me that much initially, given that I communicate mostly by MSN, text message or even through face … Continue reading

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[Consumer] Power to the people!

Rich donors in ze west: When attempting to bring about political reform in Egypt, forget funding dull workshops and their buffets. Cut to the chase and demonstrate the marvel that is a liberal democracy with cashmere sweaters and chainsaws. And … Continue reading

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Faced with a dilemma

I had an interesting dinner discussion tonight with some Americans about the case brought against the AUC’s decision to ban the niqab. The advisory report recently presented to the Supreme Administrative Court states that such a ban breaches women’s freedom … Continue reading

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Marriage and other unfathomable mysteries

Various conversations about marriage (in philosophical terms rather than proposals), have been making me consider how the blazers this institution works. (It should be said that the enforced idleness of unemployment is also directly responsible for such fruitless rumination.) When … Continue reading

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