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Just another day at the IDF office

Moral selectivity and business as usual yet again as Israel’s shelling of a residential area elicits nothing more than the usual slap on the wrist from the useless buggers international community. An IDF officer claimed that the deaths of some … Continue reading

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Me no understand

I came across this interesting article about reported growth in the Egyptian economy. (It is produced below cos I know you won’t open a link. Also, sodding Blogger is acting up and won’t let me do rich text or whatever … Continue reading

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German state

I attended a seminar the other day on the Coptic Question in Egypt. Religious minority rights are the Fiat 128 of the Egyptian human rights scene, neglected by the majority of human rights groups. This is perhaps because other rights … Continue reading

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Why why whyyyyy Delilah

A round-up of stuff which has happened so far: 1. Had wicked never-ending conversations with Mildred’s wonderful 3 year old daughter who responds to everything with why? Example: Kid: [Pointing] What’s that?Amnesiac: A belly button ring.Kid: Why?Amnesiac: I got it … Continue reading

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