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Cairo Superdome

Little white lies are as pernicious as big black lies. When they mix together, a great greyness of ambiguity descends, society is cast adrift in an amoral sea, and corruption and rot and decay start to flourish. Such is the … Continue reading

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After the heady days of the Masters degree, intellectual stimulation these days is largely confined to: 1. Contemplation of what the point of Robin on Dr Phil actually is (can the man not find his way out of the studio … Continue reading

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Surrealist harassment

Scene: Amnesiac is waiting for a taxi in the cold outside Toot Express, in midan Fini, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt. Man in car: “Welcome. Welcome to Miami!” Mystery: * Had this man somehow discerned that only ten minutes earlier I had … Continue reading

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A recipe

Egyptian cinema souffle Ingredients- 150 people- 140 mobiles, all turned on with ringing volume on ‘loud’- 140 Moustafa Qamar ringtones (if it is not the season for Moustafa Qamar, this ingredient may be substituted with Amr Diab at any time, … Continue reading

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Glass houses – Bush & Ahmadinejad,,1970972,00.html

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Have lemon will travel

My very touchy feely friend Mauve Bubble (who is in the UK) says that she likes reading my blog ‘because she feels very close to me.’ This inexplicably makes me feel like I have died, and that the blog is … Continue reading

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Things I wish I’d known then: 1. Instincts should be followed.2. Preparation of Ma7shi koromb should not be attempted without supervision.3. Nothing is worth worrying about too much.4. Excessive sharing of problems is like breaking wind; you feel better for … Continue reading

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Parental love/plea to an errant child

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Splendid Arabic neologisms no.1

backub verb To back up files on a computer.-Lazem tebackubby el hard 3ala el combuter beta3ek ya Amnesiac.

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NY food stamp fraud lawyer

School of Strife Life 30 year report card: Amnesiac Dear parents/guardians, As your child is now approaching the halfway mark in the marathon which is her life, we are issuing you with a report card which details her progress and … Continue reading

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