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This is what happens when you don’t have satellite TV

“Ya 2amar” A scene in an Egyptian soap opera tonight featured a couple walking into a nightclub- type establishment before being guided to their seats by a waiter. Being a consummate professional and connoisseur of old-school restaurant etiquette the waiter … Continue reading

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Sock it to me

Scene:Amnesiac and the Pig are cruisin’ in the Corolla on the traffic-free Maadi Corniche. It is a Friday, and the Islamic new year holiday, and Cairo can stretch and yawn into the empty other side of the bed, still warm … Continue reading

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I occasionally get acute attacks of the Egypt blues. During these bouts my head aches in the same way it does when I read books which attempt to explain the size of outer space, while my chest feels like I’ve … Continue reading

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I went to a house party on Friday night about which I can remember very little. One very clear memory however, is my “friend” Sharshar inexplicably dragging me over to talk to the boss of a centre where I was … Continue reading

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Separated at birth

Corella DeVille Walid “el koun” Aouni

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Best headline of 2007 so far

Mubarak tells Iran not to touch Iraq “Yo bitch, you touch my girl Iraq an’ ima hurt you, ima hurt you so bad yo’ gonna WISH that America got to you first…You hearin’ me cocksucker?? I see you in the … Continue reading

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Swings and roundabouts no. 2

Bad things about Cairo Mall, Haram: The monkeys maddened by being chained to fake trees in a jungle-themed coffee shop. The acres of beige polyester. The window displays full of sad looking ladies’ underwear in the style worn by elderly … Continue reading

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Yeah but Forrest didn’t get bothered by boys in Lancers

Continuing this week’s theme of doing foolish, masochistic things, tonight I went jogging in the streets of Zamalek with Gombaz and her 19-year old jogging pal (yes such things exist.) To put this in context: I have not undertaken physical … Continue reading

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Not everything that is banned is good/we Ahmed Ezz maalu?

I voluntarily went to the cinema to watch Donia tonight. It turned out to be a particularly foolish act of masochism. My interest in the film derived from the fact that media reviews had touted it as a bold film … Continue reading

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Swings and roundabouts

Good thing about Egypt: People can roam the streets wearing pyjamas, dressing gown and bedroom slippers without a single onlooker’s eyebrow being raised. Bad thing about Egypt: The right to appear in public in such attire is reserved to gentlemen … Continue reading

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