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Just for the record

I resent panpipes. I resent the reedy, insipid bleating they emit, which sounds like Enya’s farts, or a flute with a cough. Proof of panpipes’ plainness, as if any was needed, lies in the fact that they lend themselves to … Continue reading

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Walking home today across one of Cairo’s bridges the usual scene of marauding packs of pubescent boys, flower sellers, and ambulant lovers was interrupted by an unusual sight. Standing perilously on the edge of a the bridge’s railing, one arm … Continue reading

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Porn cocktail

Remember the last post where together we hypothesised about possible reasons why some gentlemen cannot resist launching into impromptu monologues about strangers’ bums? It would seem that our speculation about the cause of this behaviour omitted the real culprits, who … Continue reading

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Group sex

To all Googling perverts who ended up here cos of the title: I’m happy that you’ve come, but understand that you are possibly neither of these things.I recently read a book, School Ties, by the excellent William Boyd. In it … Continue reading

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Human rights & Sons

I have started walking to and from work, for two reasons: 1. It is an effort to counter the physical stagnation induced by continuous sitting at a desk2. A eunuch’s underpants sees more movement than does Cairo’s traffic between 3 … Continue reading

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Chain gang

As is perhaps evident from the relative decrease in nonsense posted on this blog, I have finally started work. After nearly four months of idle sedentariness – three-fourths of which were spent horizontal in bed – work’s unremitting, merciless routine … Continue reading

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With or without you, preferably without

Ahhh Sir Bono. Where would the world be without you, Mr Paul Hewson? Who else, apart possibly from Princess Di, could fill your leather trousers as they roam the world combating global hunger with such finesse, and such big sunglasses? … Continue reading

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Question for Hollywood filmmakers

Why must virtually every film you produce, even those dealing with important political themes of the zeitgeist, include a romantic story line? In the world as it is presented by you, romance flourishes in war, during genocide, during Armageddon, in … Continue reading

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Wednesday night’s alright for fighting

Tonight I went to a pop concert which ended in a mass brawl – always my idea of a splendid night out, what with possessing English blood and all. Sharshar has been raving about Arabic pop prince and heir to … Continue reading

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