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Johnny probably hated oriental jazz, too

I saw the man with the best schnozz in the oriental jazz business – Fathy Salama – yesterday evening, as part of the ‘Fathy Salama vs. Screwdriver Rock Project.’ This was a piece of school homework given to them all … Continue reading

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Jungle music

While the joke about there existing two methods of time keeping, Greenwich Mean Time and Egyptian time, is a little tired , I nonetheless feel compelled to comment on the amazing precision with which Egyptians collectively turn up late to … Continue reading

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Reel Independence

The global phenomenon of enlightening the world through instant pontification on sundry matters – AKA blogging – has not escaped those with access to the internet in Egypt: the Egyptian Blog Ring, an inexhaustive directory of Egyptian blogs, lists 1481 … Continue reading

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If Cavafy had a green book, it was for noting down his musings on Trojans

Amnesiac and her laptop are upstairs at Upstairs Auntie’s place.As Upstairs Auntie walks past she sees the picture of the great Alexandrian poet and bad spectacles-chooser Cavafy which crowns the last post.Upstairs auntie: [Squinting and frowning] Dah meen dah? [Who … Continue reading

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Shout out to Egyptian cities and her scholars, yo

Cavafy demonstrating that the legendary good taste in clothes possessed by gentlemen of a gay inclination does not extend to spectacles: an occurrence subsequently confirmed by Elton John and Yves Saint Laurent I am a complete philistine when it comes … Continue reading

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AUC hosted a celebration – if that is the right word – of World Refugee Day on Friday, which was attended by assorted members of Cairo’s refugee communities, refugee organisation staff, a smattering of foreigners in athletic sandals and/or scarves … Continue reading

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Could it be magic? No! It’s physics!

Above: Galileo, the father of modern astronomyAbove: Barry Manilow. Oh Mandy! Let it be known: Mishearing ‘Manilow’ (as in Barry) for ‘Galileo’ while vaguely listening to a programme on Renaissance astrology radically – if fleetingly – changes world perceptions.

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Suds duds

Vile TV is currently showing an absolutely fantastic soap opera from two years back called Friska, a Dynasty type extravaganza following the fortunes of two rival families over the course of fifty years which has got me enthralled. It’s got … Continue reading

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A friend of mine, let’s call her Shams, recently went to a doctor specialised in women’s complaints. Without wishing to conjure up too graphic an image, she had an intimate examination by the female doctor, and was suddenly surprised to … Continue reading

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Fierce competition between God and Dan Brown**

Top 9 (rather than 10 – presumably because all conceivable variants on the spelling of Quran were exhausted) books in Fartbook’s Egypt network: 1. Harry Potter2. The Alchemist3. The Da Vinci Code4. Quran5. Holy Quran6. Angels and Demons7. Qur2an8. I … Continue reading

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