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Hello, England! You’re bloody freezing.

It is always a shock to see flocks of British people again after a prolonged absence, wandering exhausted and lost around Cairo Airport like undercooked chicken drumsticks. I felt quite sorry for one teenage tourist who was a tad too … Continue reading

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Perhaps this will distract her from the fact that I couldn’t afford a decent present.

A relative once told me that she and the rest of the family always knew that my mother would never stay in Egypt, that she would leave for good. I remember feeling surprised not by the fact that she wished … Continue reading

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Helwa ya balad meen, part two: return to the mother’s land

Despite her own aversion to going back my mother was enthusiastic about me holidaying in Cairo – I think she was sending me as some kind of ambassador on her behalf. Inevitably I can’t remember exactly how much time elapsed … Continue reading

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