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Welcome to the Hotel California

Having peered down the slope of Egypt’s dark side in el Hussein yesterday I decided to launch myself fully down it by attending a protest tonight, downtown. Organised by Kefaya it was a demonstration against torture, against the imprisonment of … Continue reading

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How can Egypt be so spectacularly cruel and yet so alive, so vital? A thousand little deaths – ordinary tragedies – take place every day, unremarkable and ignored. It is as if the dividing line between happiness and misery here … Continue reading

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The elderly and informed

The British Council, God bless them, hosted a free concert in their lovely garden yesterday as part of a season called ‘Ramadan Nights’ which when you see it written down actually sounds rather like the name of an American person … Continue reading

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Tom and his features

I attempted to attend the launch of a new publishing house, Malame7, today, but was driven out by poetry. In a suicidal move I arrived fifteen minutes early, and during the over forty minutes I waited outside for the thing … Continue reading

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Imadge-ine that!/Saken fe 7ayy el Sayyeda we 7abeeby saken fe Wiltshire

Umm Nakad and Amnesiac are in Sayyeda Zeinab. They have just been to the mosque, where Umm Nakad prayed, and Amnesiac watched a cat rolling around on the carpets. They are now strolling through Sayyeda’s animated streets, deep in conversation.They … Continue reading

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‘Asian Babes’ beats Dostoyevsky to top of list

Brian Whitaker warms my cockles with the news that an Abu Dhabi prince is diverting some of his money away from yachts and Philippino maids and investing it in a scheme called Kalima whereby ‘high-quality works of classic and contemporary … Continue reading

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