Imadge-ine that!/Saken fe 7ayy el Sayyeda we 7abeeby saken fe Wiltshire

Umm Nakad and Amnesiac are in Sayyeda Zeinab. They have just been to the mosque, where Umm Nakad prayed, and Amnesiac watched a cat rolling around on the carpets. They are now strolling through Sayyeda’s animated streets, deep in conversation.

They pass a group of lads holding congress on a car bonnet:

YOUNG WIT: Shereen* we Madonna ya lahwy, meshyeen fel share3! [Blimey, it's Shereen and Madonna walking down the street!]

*Shereen is a popular young singer, a contemporary of Tamer ‘being a guest of State institutions wont stop me making music’ Unibrow Hosny. Shereen’s head is too big for her body, but she sings good songs and has an impressive collection of weaves. Umm Nakad bears a passing resemblance to Shereen, to the extent that once, when she went to represent two handcuffed suspects being held in a police station, they both burst into a rendition of ‘ah ya layl’ upon seeing her.

I look nothing like Madonna. Let it be known.

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