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Copping a look

It is 8 p.m. on a Friday night, everything is monochrome in the darkness and the air is heavy with the sweetly acrid stinging smell of something which is everywhere in Cairo, and which tears at the throat and sits … Continue reading

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The Geneva what, sorry?

The Israeli defence minister has apparenty approved sanctions against the civilian population of that ‘hostile entity’ Gaza whereby electricity supplies will be cut off every time a rocket is launched into Israel. That this constitutes a form of collective punishment … Continue reading

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Tempestuous passions

One of the unexpected perks of living in north Africa for a person from Croydon is the love I have developed for autumn and winter, the significance of which can only really be understood by other persons subjected for multiple … Continue reading

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On ‘air

Prompted by a comment made on the previous post by dear reader Hebe, I here present to you the spooky similarities in the head coverings of three men from three ages, so that you can decide for yourself if Nero … Continue reading

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Call me Mr Kink

A scene from yesterday night’s Nafeza 3al 3alam, shown on Vile TV: Beeso and Hamosto are sitting in Beeso’s new office, on his new red leather sofa. The sofa matches Tamer Hagras’ face, which looks like it’s taking the Hussein … Continue reading

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