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How to be Matt Dillon at a Cairo International Film Festival press conference in just 14 easy steps

Mr Matt Dillon and a floating head. Shortly after this picture was taken Mr Matt Dillon was lost in the darkness of the Good News cinema. He was last seen in the environs of row K, covered in barnacles. All … Continue reading

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Life, but not as we know it

A film double-bill yesterday evening confirmed that less really is more, especially if you are Youssef Chahine and you insist on scenes featuring staring-eyed women dancing in dining rooms while clutching pyjamas. The Cairo International Film Festival is currently delivering … Continue reading

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A load of hot air

While attending a training session this weekend I discovered that I have a thing for wind farms, which makes a change to my usual obsession with Cairo-based actors and singers of above-average height. The training session was held in a … Continue reading

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Business Assiut-ial part 2

The next morning I tore myself away from George Wassouf music clips and went down to the hotel lobby, where a fractious Swedish Lawyer informed me that upon attempting to leave the hotel to buy water she had been stopped … Continue reading

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Business Assiut-ial* part 1

My sporadic tour of Egypt’s governorates continued this weekend with a visit to Assiut, where I vomited under police escort. I had been waiting for an opportunity to go for ages, so was delighted when a member of Sharshar’s Assiut … Continue reading

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When Sally met Hany

My attempts to persuade him to accompany me to the ma2zoun failed Regular readers will by now be familiar with, and bored of, my mild obsession with singer Hany Adel. I was finally given a legitimate reason to be within … Continue reading

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Procrastination is the teeth of time

Apologies for turning za blog into a community noticeboard, but I need a dentist. I have been ignoring wisdom tooth pain for the past week because addressing the problem would involve effort. However, the pain now includes a bonus gift … Continue reading

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Check out the sepia effect

What is the bloody secret to posting a Youtube video at the end of a flamin post?

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This post is sponsored by PMT

I involuntarily went to a fundraising do at the teen disco AUC yesterday evening which was in aid of the fight against breast cancer in Egypt. The whole shebang was entirely organised by a class of some 30 marketing communications … Continue reading

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