Procrastination is the teeth of time

Apologies for turning za blog into a community noticeboard, but I need a dentist. I have been ignoring wisdom tooth pain for the past week because addressing the problem would involve effort. However, the pain now includes a bonus gift of earache, which is bonkers, and I probably should get it sorted out before I develop gangrene of the brain or similar.

I fondly recall the last dentist I went to here every time I bite into anything cold – and he came recommended…

Can denizens of Cairo recommend a dentist who (in addition to being hygenic and knowing what s/he is doing) fulfils the following requirements:

1. Is in the Dokki, Mohandiseen, Zamalek or Downtown area.
2. Isn’t super duper expensive.
3. Is handy with the analgesics given that it looks like teeth extraction is on the cards.

Thanking you!

UPDATE: I am now swimming in dentists what with the recommendations kind people sent to me. Thank you! Needless to say, the acquisition of these names coincided with the pain mysteriously lifting. I am still going to go if for no other reason than to put an end to my mother’s incessant nagging, which is almost as painful as the toothache.

P.S Should anyone wish me to email them my list of recommended dentists I would be happy to oblige.

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