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Sod off 2007, hello 2008!

The fit tannoura dancer while in another space-time dimension, captured by Oosha. 2007 was a turd of a year filled alternately with joblessness, and the low-level torture of working in a job I hated, and poverty, and pointless reflection on … Continue reading

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Mostafa Mahmoud: 2 years

Two years ago on September 25th a small group of Sudanese refugees began a peaceful protest against the policy of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees’ Cairo office. Within days their numbers had swelled to over 3,000 men, women … Continue reading

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New year resolution

I was thrilled to read today that this New Year’s Eve there is an alternative to Mounir singing in the Opera car park, or Shereen warbling in a hotel; the residents of the island of el-Qorsaya are having a party … Continue reading

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Sworn enemies

Amnesiac is walking past a stationary middle-aged man who suddenly bursts into life when a big car rolls up and parks. Man: [said exuberantly while putting both hands to temple in salute, smiling broadly and inclining slightly towards the driver]: … Continue reading

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As I was coming out of the lift in the Journalists’ Syndicate on Friday the boy who they put in a uniform and make press buttons called out to the man at the entrance who they don’t give a uniform … Continue reading

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Pecuniary dire straits meant that at an early stage I was forced to go out and work in order to fund my mother’s Marks & Spencer habit. When I was six months old I was giving the choice of either … Continue reading

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Give the prime minister 40 lines

Here’s an article about Egypt’s long-suffering higher education teaching staff. The people I spoke to were a sharp, impressive and trilingual bunch and I wish they were running the country. Note that the article contains a small error. It says … Continue reading

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