Give the prime minister 40 lines

Here’s an article about Egypt’s long-suffering higher education teaching staff.

The people I spoke to were a sharp, impressive and trilingual bunch and I wish they were running the country.

Note that the article contains a small error. It says that professors earn 3,000 LE per year. Obviously this should read per month; we are not in the year 1925.

Note also that the Faculty of Mathematics in Cairo University has MARBLE FLOORS and high ceilings and is clean and airy. I was impressed because I’m a product of British higher education institutions which were mostly built in 1960 and are made out of cardboard and polystyrene.

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6 Responses to Give the prime minister 40 lines

  1. Anonymous says:

    i dont understand the title of this post.

    –fully poly

  2. Amnesiac says:

    Were lines not a form of punishment at your school?

  3. Give the prime minister 40 lines | Inanities

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