Sworn enemies

Amnesiac is walking past a stationary middle-aged man who suddenly bursts into life when a big car rolls up and parks.

Man: [said exuberantly while putting both hands to temple in salute, smiling broadly and inclining slightly towards the driver]: Itfaddal ya basha! Saba7 el-fol! Ezzay el se77a! [Top of the morning, sir! How are you!]

A milisecond later after righting himself and out of view of the driver:

Koss ommak. [Fuck you].

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5 Responses to Sworn enemies

  1. Forsoothsayer says:


  2. ash-shakkak says:


  3. La Gitana says:

    so… typical Cairo day then?

  4. diptychal says:

    tahya misr

  5. Anonymous says:

    shockingly awsome
    carry on
    magdy elshafee

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