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His parents wanted him to be a pimp

Overheard at doctors’ protest about wages: MAN: Ana 3owez afham ya Meneim…enta aih bezzabt…[I want to know what you are exactly, Meneim]. MENEIM:… MAN: Maba7ess?…Sa7afy?… [Police investigator?..Journalist?] MENEIM: La2, doctor lel assaf. [No. I'm a doctor, alas].

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Bread & butter II + omm-nipresence

Here I talk about the excellent Metro, Egypt’s 1st graphic novel for adults, and its author Magdy el Shafee. Magdy very kindly gave me a lift back to civilisation from City Very Far Stars, but only after we had found … Continue reading

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Luckily, she didn’t ask if they had any Swedes instead

My mother – who is currently lighting up Egypt with her presence – was propositioned only five days into her trip here, which isn’t bad for a senior citizen. I was not privy to the exchange, because I was slightly … Continue reading

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We’re Ghana party*

I have never, ever seen anything as bonkers as last night’s post-African Cup glory celebrations, which I (forcibly, given that we couldn’t move the car for two hours after the match) enjoyed in the vast boulevard of Nasr City’s Abbass … Continue reading

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Bread and butter

Here I get back on my hobby horse and go on about half Egyptians, while here I destroy all chances of ever marrying Hany Adel.

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I like watching films, which is a problem in Egyptian cinemas when it comes to foreign productions because the concern of Baba Raqaba and his busy scissors that we shouldn’t be exposed to breastage, or nooky, frequently takes priority over … Continue reading

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Prison break

When I came to Egypt in 2003 I lived with Upstairs Auntie for the first four months or so because my mother’s flat downstairs didn’t have any furniture in it apart from approximately 23 sofas. While Upstairs Auntie is lovely, … Continue reading

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