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Yet again too disorganised to send anything on time

He was into birds from an early age I heart my Dad: all round wowzers blazers bloke, word collector, guardian of punctuation, and list maker extraordinaire. Happy birthday

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We were helped down by mountain rescue

Tuesday night was spent with the crème de la crème of Egypt’s left-wing community at the mozza Marcel Khalife concert: it was a bit like being at a protest without the riot police, and with everyone in their Sunday best. … Continue reading

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Marcel, keteer 7elwe

Recent comedy breaks in the misery: 1. While in Mahalla we had to keep an extremely low profile because of the habit of the Mahalla police station to suck journalists into its bowels. Foreign-looking journalists were prevented from entering Mahalla … Continue reading

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Delta Blues Two

Three days after violent crashes between security forces and demonstrators in Mahalla El-Kobra, a fragile calm had returned to the town on Friday. A day off, shop shutters were drawn and the sun-bleached streets mostly empty. Only broken windows, patterned … Continue reading

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Delta blues

When I went to Mahalla this morning it was dead. We had received reports en route that the long-awaited strike had been aborted after security bodies flooded the factory with plainclothes policemen who stopped the first sign of trouble, and … Continue reading

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April 6th

I will be in Mahalla tomorrow covering the strike in the Ghazl el-Mahalla textiles factory, the 3rd strike since December 2006. I’m super excited about going, mostly because it will mean meeting workers who not only won two previous strikes, … Continue reading

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