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Harrying the marrying

Amnesiac is in a taxi with associates on the October Bridge on a balmy, breezy night. The moustachioed, bawdy taxi driver slows down as he passes a wedding in order to inspect the couple who are standing against the bridge’s … Continue reading

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Labour unrest has minimal effect on economy, say experts

Originally published in Daily News Egypt During a question and answer session broadcast recently, Gamal Mubarak was asked why people continue to queue for hours for government-subsidized bread despite government promises that its free-market policies will transform the economy. Mubarak, … Continue reading

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Maye3gibhoosh el 3agab

Here is a photo for Fully P of a menu in a Zamalek restaurant which induced a feeling which was half vomit half laughing. I bet there’s a word for it in the German language, which seems to categorise every … Continue reading

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Today was Ibrahim Eissa’s appeal of his conviction on the farcical charge of undermining national stability by publishing articles suggesting that Hosny is not in the best of health. The Abbaseyya court building is fairly typical of most of the … Continue reading

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Letter from Kamal El-Fayyoumy, Tareq Amin and Karim El-Beheiry to the Judges’ Club

Below is my translation of a letter handed out today at a Journalists’ Syndicate protest about the individuals still being detained in connection with the April 6th roundup. The letter is to the Judges’ Club which is their version of … Continue reading

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This unknown individual attempted to add me on Fartbook, no doubt as part of a sweep of females in the Egypt network. I liked his arresting combination of candour and misanthropy. Mohamed H____is fuck off.Updated on Monday Networks: EgyptSex: MaleInterested … Continue reading

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Panacea update

Here someone called Angus tells me off.

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Panacea Day

Here’s an article about Pangea Day which I endured last Saturday at the Pyramids, escaping death through exposure to both extreme cold and an Oprah to the power of 99 level of mawkish sentimentality. I witnessed Khaled Abol Naga say … Continue reading

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Fueling us

Around four months ago I was on a bus going from Dokki to the Mohandiseen end of Sudan Street. The bus was one of the privately-owned, medium-sized (i.e. not a microbus and not a big bus) vehicles which shuttle people … Continue reading

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The day Egypt was stillborn

I spent yesterday afternoon roaming around downtown Cairo looking for the general strike that never was. Facebook warriors had announced that yesterday – Hosny’s 80th birthday – a(nother) general strike would be held and that everyone would wear black, the … Continue reading

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