This unknown individual attempted to add me on Fartbook, no doubt as part of a sweep of females in the Egypt network. I liked his arresting combination of candour and misanthropy.

Mohamed H____
is fuck off.
Updated on Monday

Networks: Egypt
Sex: Male
Interested In: Women
Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Friendship
Birthday: October 1
Political Views:Other

Mohamed has no recent activity.

Personal Info
Activities: nothing ( madness ) there ‘s nothing Impossiable
Favorite Music:Hip-Hop, Rock, Electronic, Jazz, Pop
Favorite TV Shows: mesh 3aref
Favorite Movies: tokyo dirft & kazblnka
Favorite Books:mesh ba7ab el books aslan
Favorite Quotes: mafesh aslan 7ad 3edel
About Me: ma7desh fahem 7aga

Glitter text: “Fucken love”

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6 Responses to Notworking

  1. Arima says:

    Wow! Sounds like an intellectual beacon! You really should have added him, sounds like a great guy!

  2. Molly says:

    charming, I can’t believe he is single.

    my favorite part is “mesh ba7ab el books aslan”

  3. Forsoothsayer says:

    i only wish this was an isolated case. but it’s always been clear that the country’s shabab are fil nazel.

  4. Iman says:

    LOOL @ Favorite Books

  5. Notworking | Inanities

  6. Jesus Koshi says:

    I truly enjoy examining on this web site, it contains good articles.

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