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Abo Regeila

I’ve heard about, but never physically been to, makeshift housing areas like 3arab Abo Regeila – although these areas visit their more well-to-do counterparts regularly, on donkey carts, collecting rubbish. 3arab Abo Regeila is a collection of shacks built on … Continue reading

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Imagine the hoovering! I recently spent four days in Dahab, where I saw a goat jump off a hotel balcony. Our party included two windsurfing enthusiasts, and much time was spent at a resort called Gannet Sina which offers high … Continue reading

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Ezbet el Baroudi

A declaration of love is scrawled in paint on the wall above A’s head ‘A + A, the dream of my life.’ Below it A is recumbent on a bed lined with children’s cartoon character bed linen. The images do … Continue reading

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Walled communities

It feels like strange times at the moment in Egypt, and has done ever since Mahalla. It feels as if something major is going to happen. The best way to describe it is the feeling you get when someone gives … Continue reading

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Letter from Mohamed Maree

This is a letter sent from prison by Mohamed Maree, the translator who was arrested with James Buck in Mahalla. It was given to me by a lawyer. This is my very rough, very quick, translation. ________________________________________________________________ This is a … Continue reading

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