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Whatever happened to baby Abdel Rahman?

Go to this link and laugh. Things I like about this webpage: 1. The crack element.2. The microphone invading the photo’s foreground like a drunk prankster.3. Hosny’s shiny Duran Duran suit. Which is best? Answers – with reasoning – in … Continue reading

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Will make no perceptible difference to the legislative process

The view from Dokki Today I got inordinately excited by the sight of a helicopter taking water out of the Nile. I then felt slightly nauseous when I discovered that the emergency services’ response to the huge fire in the … Continue reading

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Videos of the fire. Guest appearance by: my finger

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Nasr City-On-Sea

A scene from The Shining I have just returned from Nasr City-On-Sea, where I counted the minutes until my flight back to Cairo. Last week was full of omens. First of all my mobile fell down the toilet while I … Continue reading

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Doug Gibbs!*

My mother during her days as a ventriloquist Happy birthday, Mum, and thank you for continuing to keep me in clothes and replacement mobile phones despite the fact that I have not yet kept up my end of the bargain … Continue reading

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Keeping it in the family

While waiting for a bus at Gesr Soueis the other day I saw a man’s foot get run over by a microbus. A sudden screech of brakes and I turned round to see the unfortunate foot owner using both arms … Continue reading

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Feeling devotional

My camera can’t keep up My father, a librarian from Croydon, is a formidable collector of data, and will hunt down figures for e.g. total annual pencil production in Tajikistan with an assiduity last witnessed during the first NASA moon … Continue reading

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