Videos of the fire. Guest appearance by: my finger

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  1. synesthesia says:

    The images are heart breaking. Other than the loss of archives & documents, the building itself is irreplaceable.
    It reminds me of Ahmad Ragab's Far El Sabtteya, it had a weird craving for electric wires, kind of pica, & was responsible for a similar wave of fires which ravaged the opera house, among others. It seems to have emerged from hibernation.

  2. zeinab says:

    What is truly terrifying is that our blessed state could not protect its most loyal patrons,a horrifying indication if what would happen if God forbid a fire or a similar disaster occured in a crowded slum where houses are made out of tin and wood. Rabena Yostor.More than corruption, I think-actually I’m quite certain- that this country is ravaged by incompetence. Corruption is tolerable. At least you can trace its networks and figure out its logic. Incompetence is a swarming chaos of sub-level mentalities functioning in an irrational structure of catastrophes waiting to happen.Yay!

  3. Videos of the fire. Guest appearance by: my finger | Inanities

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