Whatever happened to baby Abdel Rahman?

Go to this link and laugh.

Things I like about this webpage:

1. The crack element.
2. The microphone invading the photo’s foreground like a drunk prankster.
3. Hosny’s shiny Duran Duran suit.

Which is best? Answers – with reasoning – in pencil, on A4 lined paper.

Class dismissed.

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3 Responses to Whatever happened to baby Abdel Rahman?

  1. Hossam says:


  2. zoss says:

    heh — gotta be the crack element — great find!

  3. multiculturalmuslimah says:

    by crack element do you mean the broken english and rhetorical questions? Then yes, definitely going with crack element. With honorable mention going to Hosni’s shiny suit.

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