Watching Hosny’s tough man ‘red lines’ speech about foreign troops on the border with Gaza reminded me of another preposterous, lightly obese, combative Egyptian gentleman with dyed hair and delusions of grandeur – retired wrestler, CAPTAIN MAMDOUH FARAG.

While staring unseeingly at TV ads one day some months ago I was suddenly confronted with this:

Captain Mamdouh’s ‘HEY sa3ba geddan bass sahla geddan’ [HEY very difficult but very easy] ad for his weight-loss programme.

What I like most about Captain Mamdouh is his look, which is Goodfellas meets a hirsute Frank Butcher out of Eastenders:

A former British soap opera actor

A retired Egyptian wrestler

A look which cannot be faulted.

The other day, while caught in traffic in Mohandiseen, and on my way to a possible fight about a washing machine, I saw an advert announcing that Captain Mamdouh will soon be appearing in a film called 3AL2ET MOOT or SLAP OF DEATH. I almost passed out with happiness.

Serendipitously, someone also directed me to the short interview below.

There are too many good things to list about this item but here are some of them:

1.El Capitaine’s rigid, at the dentist smile at the very start.
2.0:16 – The rich bass with which he emits ‘wallahy’
3.0:27 – no explanation needed.
4.the ‘mafeesh 7ad a7san men 7ad’ fighting talk.
5.Mr Nefa3 Abdel Hady
6.A well cooked dish.
7.Full professional wrestlers with no solution.
8.Herman za german, el woria, Hogan el so3’yyar beta3 ingleterra.

And so on.

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