Of Flesh and Blood

Here is a review what I wrote. It’s about an excellent documentary on Gaza. See it if you can.

Stories from the other side

It is telling that much of Egyptian media coverage of the most recent Israeli attack on Gaza focused on a critical examination of Egypt’s own relationship with Palestine; on its complicity or otherwise in the hand-wringing, posturing, and conferencing which formed the Arab response to the crisis.

Two camps emerged, broadly-speaking, during this debate. The first decried Egypt’s abandonment of its role as defender of Palestine and the alignment of its foreign policy with Israeli interests, while the second posited a suddenly rehabilitated President Hosny Mubarak as peacemaker and defender of Egyptian interests, par excellence.

Egypt’s 14 km border with Gaza has come to symbolize this divide. It is variously a bastion of Egyptian sovereignty, an agent of Egyptian complicity in the Israeli attack and, in its incarnation as the transit point for the trickle of injured Palestinians permitted into Egypt for treatment, Gaza’s faint pulse.

Ironic perhaps, that a border dividing a single town (Rafah) should have these multiple identities; yet another example of the weird physical realities – the facts on the ground -Israel’s existence has engendered.

Palestinians pay the price for the political smoke circles of course – a point Egyptian director Azza Shabaan makes in her moving documentary Of Flesh and Blood when she asks, “Why is this border so different to every other other border in the world?”

A timely question, as both sides claim victory and Gaza attempts yet again to get back onto its feet and aid continues to force its way across the Rafah Crossing. In her 27-minute film Shabaan takes us back to January 2008, when Gazans in Palestinian Rafah – who by then had been under an Israeli siege for a year – breached the border and crossed into Egyptian Rafah.

Shabaan, armed with a handheld camera and a desire to witness Gaza at first hand, made her way through the throngs of Palestinians and Egyptians buying, selling and bargaining at the demolished border fence, and filmed in a “five day sneak” into the beleaguered Gaza Strip. Her aim she says is to “break the silent siege that has been imposed on it for so long, and to present to us a perspective of the people of Gaza different to that which the media presents.”

Shabaan admits that this is “the first time” that she has picked up a camera – a fact evident in the film’s naive, unfinished quality. Rather than undermining the film this stripped-down quality (the camera which goes in and out of focus during interviews, the shaking during shots in moving cars) lends it a strange, unearthly power which captures the fragility and desperation of life in Gaza.

A glimpse of life in Gaza – of its day to day hardships and overwhelming tragedies – is presented via the group of Gazan women Shaaban meets and follows.

A sense of quiet anger, resignation and, most remarkably, humour pervades the film. Thus we see a woman struggling to put petrol into a car’s tank using a tube connected to a petrol jerkin. Shaaban explains that the woman has insisted on her taking on a car tour of Gaza despite the siege-induced petrol shortages. “Arabs insist on selling us petrol despite the crisis we’re in but I give it to my friend for free,” the woman jokes.

Having succeeded in filling up the petrol tank Shaaban and her companion go on a tour of Gaza. What was life like when the settlers were here? Shaaban asks. The woman explains that she used to spend days at checkpoints, that she was forced to sleep in her car at the checkpoints. The worst thing, she says, is that her house would be visible on the other side.

Another woman narrates the history of her family’s three forced displacements since 1948 and the grandchildren her father never saw because he couldn’t leave Gaza and the children and their fathers, now resident abroad, were prevented by Israel from entering the Strip. She relates this with an impossible equanimity, jokingly asking someone off camera, “Where shall we go the fourth time we have to leave?”

The only music used in the film is a song, song unaccompanied, by the sister of a prisoner of war, Alaa, held in Israel. Shabaan asks her long Alaa was sentenced to. Three life sentences, she replies, seeking clarification from her friend of how long a life sentence in Israel is. It is 33 years.

Israel is the absent but omnipresent villain in this story, but Hamas are also the target of anger. A woman asks why in the coup it was only teenaged policemen who died before relating the story of a man who she says had both arms and legs broken by Hamas members after committing an infraction of some sort.

The most poignant moment in the film – and its masterstroke – are scenes of a wedding party complete with guests, cake, music and bride. The only thing missing is the groom himself: he is studying in Spain and has not been permitted to reenter Gaza. The families decide to go ahead with the wedding anyway, an act of defiance and desperation. There is perhaps no more powerful symbol of Gaza’s plight than this, the abandoned bride of Palestine sitting alone and surrounded by well-wishers unable to do a thing to help her.

Originally published in Daily News Egypt.
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    the weekend which allowed players to make a number of purchase-ins in the form of re-entries.

    The Principal Event is a one thousand INR No Limit Holdem
    Freezeout (~$2,000) and satellites to the match including expenses run on 888 Poker.

    Two years later, the Calcutta High Courtroom asked
    the police to refrain from harassing clubs providing poker
    to its patrons as a result of poker is not labeled as gambling within the state.

    Comparable events are being put collectively by the India Novice Poker League (IPRT) and the India Poker Championship (IPC).

    That is not his real name,” I protest, Come on.” Kunal insists that it is, and
    that in 2003, the American accountant gained the
    World Sequence of Poker in Las Vegas not after a hefty purchase-in, or a sponsored float, however by laying USD 39 on a PokerStars on-line satellite tv
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    In keeping with Rajat Agarwal of Spartan Poker the online poker working model is a
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    It began with Zynga on Fb and i5Poker has been the primary domestic on-line web site to
    have entered this area,advanced and stayed. Additionally, widespread TELEVISION displays comparable to World Series
    of Poker and World Poker Tour have enhanced the gaming.
    In October 2013, The Indian Poker Affiliation, in petitions filed earlier than the Karnataka Excessive
    Court docket, complained that the police had been harassing
    poker players by submitting instances in opposition to
    them and raiding poker golf equipment.

    Updated, his notable wins embrace HK $four,500 event at Macau Poker
    Cup 2014 the place he completed in second place and the HK $15,000 APPT occasion where he finished
    in seventh place. The casino makes cash from live money video
    games by taking a percentage from each hand that’s performed.

    Even in cash video games at house, I get the feeling that many players really feel like rock stars.
    The event was designed to advertise poker in India and is
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    Inexpensive Internet Web site Designers India
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    It would take you a few minutes to register with us and you
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    are drawn towards the sport attributable to its invigorative nature of the game combined with a component of probability.

    Match common and Goa professional, Rocky takes 6th place while Sangeeth who claimed this was his first MTT poker event scored 5th place.

    Agarwal made headlines in July final 12 months when he received $ninety six,445 on the World Sequence
    of Poker in Las Vegas, thought of one of the largest poker tournaments.
    Equally, Germany might claim that because the server
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    jurisdiction Germany has the ultimate say. Nevertheless, if the laws of India are breached throughout
    such online presence each the cyber legislation of India and different applicable state laws
    could also be attracted. It appeared that the brand new match went down properly with gamers within the run-as much as the occasion from suggestions obtained by way of our on-line mediums.

    They’re additionally discussing the potential of legalizing sports
    betting in India which is taken into account as a landmark.
    These games might be legally played online nonetheless, the operator must get a license from the State
    government. He has additionally participated within the World Collection of Poker which
    clearly proves his ardour for the game. Rs 3.36 crore prize money has been declared for the winners of this
    distinctive league, which might contain lots of mind energy,
    calculations and luck. On a visit to Bangalore 6 years ago, I happened to fulfill one in all my childhood pals who returned
    from UK. He needed to play a quick game and I went along.

    Since poker is turning into a well-liked sport
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    out a proper regulatory framework for the sector. In 2010 the India Poker
    Sequence (IPS) hosted three main poker occasions at Indian casinos.
    The choice of Indian Supreme Courtroom may arrange legality
    or illegality of on-line video games like rummy, poker, and so forth.
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    There is no one Indian palate: bread and jam, idlis, parathas,
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    In addition to international video games comparable to Baccarat,
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    Players who qualify to the 12 groups will then play in the Mega Finals,
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    Chaque année, PokerStars qualifie des milliers de
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    On-line poker is passing by the use of an interesting half in Unites States (U.S.).
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    Now the ball is in Indian government’s court docket and it has
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    The resolve dominated that wagers involving cash are unlawful and that although the video
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    Two years later, the Calcutta Excessive Court asked the police to refrain from harassing clubs offering poker to its patrons as a result of poker just isn’t labeled as playing within the state. However, there isn’t a point out of online gaming in it. Additionally consider the fact that legal guidelines pertaining to playing are by and large a state enterprise, the place the States have the reputable authority to make laws with respect to it. He prefers playing on online sites, he says, as compared to common house video games. Poker lovers breathed a sigh of aid ever since online poker came into existence.

    It is an India origin on-line gaming website that offers seamless Poker gaming for all the gamers across the nation. It boosts tourism and serves as an attraction for many worldwide players to take part in the Indian Poker Championship and on the same time offers an opportunity to Indian poker players to compete with international gamers. On-line poker is laid out on a large number of Multi Table Tournaments and for varying talent levels and variants.Online poker tournaments, Texas Holdem tournaments, Omaha, multi table tournaments, in huge numbers are consistently running on Poker Nation. In 2010 the India Poker Collection (IPS) hosted three main poker events at Indian casinos.

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    A versatile back finish ensures the positioning accommodates enormous numbers of on-line poker gamers and not crash or stall. While we aren’t capable of definitively state which you can legally gamble on-line in India, we don’t consider it is best to fear an excessive amount of. A couple of yr in the past every time anybody would arrange a event they’d get about 25-30 gamers who would join,” says Pranav Bagai of The Shark.
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    Players in India should declare their reside or online poker winnings and pay a 30%
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    Simply currently the Crime Investigation Division (CID) of the Andhra Pradesh police had sought a
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    You might have to strive various different on-line poker rooms before you
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    So first off welcome to PokerNews India and we hope
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    The Public Gambling Act of 1867 passed one hundred fifty years in the past
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