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I was woken up today by a phone call at 2.30 a.m., which I was expecting. It was a woman’s voice, which I wasn’t expecting. It was bad news, which I was half-expecting. “They’ve stopped Per. I’ve got through but … Continue reading

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” و لماذا بتعين علينا عندما نكتب ألا نتحدث إلا عن جمال الزهور و روعة عبقها ، بينما الخراء يملأ الشوارع و مياه الصرف الملوثة تغطى الأرض ، و الجميع يشمون الرائحة النتنة ويتشكون منها؟” صنع الله إبراهيم

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Obla dee

One of the harder things I had to do while in the UK this summer was visit my grandmother, who was recently put in an old people’s home. The last time I saw her, in 2008, she was in sheltered … Continue reading

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Soft Hazard | article

Somewhere over the rainbow in Nasr City

I attended a public discussion about a book on gays in a petrol station on Tuesday. Egypt. The book is a novella called ‘Fe Balad El Welad’ (“In the Country of Boys”) by journalist Mostafa Fathy, and the petrol station … Continue reading

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