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Bella ciao

Note loads of foreigners, friendly copper cordon, absence of riot police Egyptian government has been busy recently adding new chapters to its part-time project of an equivalent to ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ aimed at despots, called ‘How … Continue reading

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Uptown downtown nowhere ville

I spent this weekend getting knocked over the head by the many worlds which exist in Egypt, again. A relative of mine is an event organiser, and she invited me on Friday evening to the launch of recently released new … Continue reading

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Sometimes she remembers my name

My mother says: (5:30:39 PM)Happy birthday! Carah Sarr says: (5:30:51 PM)Hiiiiiiii thanks My mother says: (5:32:00 PM)You were born at 4.05 pm. I remember it well My mother says: (5:32:20 PM)Or was it 4.13? Related links: This ridiculous article.

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