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Fady the Child gets engaged

The view from Dronka. I didn’t want to leave When you leave Cairo heading south, the further away you go and with each passing hour, the more you imagine that you have invented the city. On the train the horizon … Continue reading

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A member of the Banned Organization shortly after he interrupted Sorour. His family have been informed. CAIRO: A National Democratic Party MP yesterday urged the government to intensify efforts to put an end to the Egyptian people, who he described … Continue reading

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“Hey! Pretty lady! I have coffee, you want?” I left the demo fuming yesterday and wanting to draw blood out of someone and anyone, and luckily found that my friend Hadeel had sent this by someone called Karin Badt (“professor … Continue reading

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Kefaya, slowly awakening after its hibernation, organized a protest today, exactly a week after the police battered demonstrators on April 6. The existence of a sort of nervous anger immediately struck me when I arrived. Around two hundred people were … Continue reading

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I fought the law, and (for now) the law won

I attended my third “April 6” last Tuesday, and have been pondering why the police went ballistic ever since. If you follow events in Egypt you’ll know what happened. If you don’t, this video sums it up. Jack Shenker, the … Continue reading

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To the Delta today, where I watched ElBaradei do his stuff through a rugby scrum of media in Mansoura. As usual, the trip there was odd. After disembarking from a microbus driven by a man with a predilection for using … Continue reading

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