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Seeing is deceiving

The past 10 days have been an extravaganza of seeing things differently, on a personal level and for the nation as a whole. On the personal level I had Lasik surgery done, finally. No more chasing contact lenses around the … Continue reading

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Update your history book

Al-Ahram* have disabused us of our misconceptions concerning important historical events in a series of pictures, below. Wael alerted us to the most recent important historical event, here. أخرجتنا من أوهامنا جريدة الأهرام بخصوص مفاهيم خاطئة كانت لدينا بشأن أحداث تاريخية … Continue reading

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A night in with Google Reader would have been better

I went to a cultural event in Cairo on Friday after a self-imposed hiatus following a dire evening at an open-mic “talent” evening some months ago which made X Factor auditions look like a Three Tenors concert. So much bile … Continue reading

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