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We’ve started a collaborative blog which aims to provide short updates about the situation here as frequently as possible. Please spread.

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Almost dawn

Have you ever been alone in a house at night and thought you heard someone breaking in, and laid, awake and immobilised by fear watching moving shadows until day breaks and the ordinary objects of your home are no longer … Continue reading

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January 30th

As I wrote this last night men from my neighbourhood stood in the darkness of the street outside carrying truncheons, planks of wood, kitchen knives, swords and guns. There was even a rumour that someone has an AK47. They erected … Continue reading

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الشعب يريد اسقاط النظام افهموا بقى

It’s one thing to terrorise your people with uniformed officers, but quite another to let loose swaggering plain-clothed men in helmets bearing cattle prods, metre-length planks of wood and rubber truncheons. Yesterday a group of mostly young men marched outside … Continue reading

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Al-Masry Al-Youm English said that they would like to publish the nonsense I put here. I said OK and so here it is, with photos of the events of January 25. Stories from the day of anger Yesterday afternoon I … Continue reading

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Sidi Bouzid

After security forces prevented five people from standing on a bridge in a demonstration of mourning for a man, Sayed Bilal, who died in police custody (assumed tortured to death) I wandered around downtown for a bit today. Lost in … Continue reading

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Street fighting*

More protests erupted in Cairo yesterday, which gave Egyptian security forces a further opportunity to demonstrate the riot policing skills they apparently learnt while in a pub brawl. A small protest of around 30 people began outside the 3adra el-Masarra … Continue reading

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Citizen strangers

You can’t expect a blind man to drive a three-wheeled car through a stagnant pool of shit and not sink.  The Egyptian government keeps trying, nonetheless. Yesterday furious Coptic demonstrators took to the streets in Shubra, Maspero, Mohandiseen, Abbaseyya and … Continue reading

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