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More doctors

Hello. I changed the last post around a bit and added an update about the decisions which came out of the general assembly meeting (and El-Erian’s shenanigans) for EIPR. You can read it here. That is all.

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The emperor’s new clothes

When I arrived (late) at the Doctors’ Syndicate general assembly on Friday it was in uproar. Syndicate head Dr Hamdy El-Sayyed was conspicuously and predictably absent from the podium. After losing his seat in the 2010 parliamentary elections (a seat … Continue reading

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I’ve never voted in a referendum before, in fact I’ve never approached an Egyptian ballot box in anger. The nearest I got was covering the parliamentary elections last year. In one polling station in Helwan the police deigned to let … Continue reading

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The revolution betrayed?

The summary of this article I wrote in Al-Masry Al-Youm is: same shit, different uniform. Cairo Airport new terminal makes its visitors feel slightly Lilliputian, with its lofty ceilings and ginormous escalators suspended in space. On Friday, the effect was … Continue reading

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Behind the sun

I have the honour of being recruited by EIPR, who are prepared to pay me to write stuff. This was originally published here. I used to love entering abandoned buildings as a kid, for the adventure and the thrill of … Continue reading

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This is just the start and it never fucking ends

After reading this gem in the New York Times, we prevailed on Thomas Friedman to provide us with a part two. And here it is. Future historians will long puzzle over how I was given an international platform to freely … Continue reading

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