Zahi Hawass new line

Zahi Hawass recently launched a new clothes line, a preview of which we were lucky to see recently. Zahi “I am Egyptian Antiquities” Hawass was thankfully reunited with Egypt’s heritage after he was mistakenly included in the purge of hangers-oners, megalomaniacs and abusers of power which followed the January 25 revolution.

The proud heritage of Egyptian antiquities was momentarily lost in the wilderness as Zahi could no longer use the platform given to him by virtue of his ministerial post to star in American TV series and sell books.

Hosny Mubarak and his retinue are all serving 15 days in the clink but Zahi Hawass is back, and the latest important archeological project of this quite literally unstoppable man has come to light.

In November 2010 photographer James Weber posted these exciting images of clothes designed for the man who “values self-discovery, historicism and adventure” but also realises that having access to a country’s national heritage gives one the opportunity to launch numerous lucrative side projects. You may think that these are the nondescript jeans and shirts worn by middle-aged fathers of three trying to convince themselves they are still young. You would be wrong. This is the uniform of adventure, as well as a way for Zahi Hawass to “cultivate an international appreciation and knowledge of Egyptian antiquities”. Through denim.

You might be thinking that there is an ethical question surrounding a minister using 5,000 years worth of a country’s heritage as a backdrop for private enterprise in a crass fashion. Perhaps that he is a low rent hustler. You would be wrong. As Moftases points out, the Zahi Hawass trademark is owned by Andres Numhauser. Numhauser is international vice president of Arts and Exhibitions International which is responsible for the New York exhibition Weber used as his backdrop for the Zahi Hawass clothing line photoshoot. So it’s all above board.

Inanities has been given a sneak preview of Zahi Hawass’ new line, underwear. Here we see the Culture Minister cultivating an international appreciation and knowledge of Egyptian antiquities at the pyramids. Available at all good overpriced London department stores formerly owned by an Egyptian from next month.


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