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Mahmoud Bad

Veteran TV presenter Mahmoud Saad gave an unparalleled demonstration of self-censorship and obsequience to the army tonight while talking to activist Hossam El-Hamalawy. Hossam, together with OnTV presenter Reem Maged and journalist Nabil Sharaf Eddin have been summoned for questioning … Continue reading

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Stability again

Egypt is currently strangely torn between wanting fundamental change in the way society is run, and complete, pre-January 25 normality. Observers have for years peddled a lie that Egypt is a society that thrives on chaos and disorder, and have … Continue reading

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THE SUPREME COUNCIL OF THE ARMED FORCES Facebook status update number “0” Within the framework of the Supreme Council for the Armed Forces’ determination to continually bombard the people it has been saddled with with communiqués filled either with pompous … Continue reading

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Losing faith

I heard the roars almost as soon as I arrived at El-Noor Mosque, a huge sound which poured out of its doors and swept across the road where bored young men in a blue police minibus sat, journalists stood, a … Continue reading

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städning i stockholm för bra priser

The cheek(s) of it

Covering current events in Egypt has numerous occupational hazards but I hadn’t imagined that being sat on by a middle-aged doctor was one of them. The Doctors’ Syndicate extraordinary general assembly held yesterday changed that. I arrived shortly after it … Continue reading

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