Mahmoud Bad

Veteran TV presenter Mahmoud Saad gave an unparalleled demonstration of self-censorship and obsequience to the army tonight while talking to activist Hossam El-Hamalawy.

Hossam, together with OnTV presenter Reem Maged and journalist Nabil Sharaf Eddin have been summoned for questioning by the military prosecution office tomorrow after Hossam appeared on Baladna Bel Masry on Thursday and listed the multifarious ways in which the army have violated Egyptian people’s rights.

The army seems absolutely unable to not follow standard procedure even where a child could tell it that summoning for questioning a high profile TV presenter and journalist over statements made about the army is a crock of shit waiting to explode in their faces. And yet they persist, because they still think red lines can exist in 2011.

They are assisted in this by presenters like Mahmoud Saad, who interviewed Hossam in a phone call on Monday night and said “we trust the army…no army’s affairs are interfered with anywhere in the world” before quite literally cutting Hossam off saying “say your opinion as you like on Facebook and Twitter. Not on this station”.

If anyone reading this knows M. Saad please tell him this: hundreds of Egyptians did not die so you could replicate the same policies of self-censorship, self-interest and subservience that allowed the regime to (almost) hoodwink the people and made you a pile of cash in the process.

To Tahrir TV: get rid of this idiot or change the name of your station. Have some self-respect.

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