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I went to Mostafa Mahmoud Square yesterday and practiced anger management while covering a pro-Mubarak rally for Al-Masry Al-Youm English. Below are the results. A (very) slightly different version was published here. “I’m against the revolution” There is a tiny … Continue reading

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As someone who appreciates a heavy bass line, I have had a mild obsession with Amr 7a7a ever since I heard this. I love its repetitiveness, the way it’s so stripped down, the strutting confidence of the rap delivery. It … Continue reading

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City of peace

On the edge of the protest at Maspero there was a man holding court. He was dressed in a plaid shirt and trousers rolled up at the ankle. His shirt was tucked into his underpants. Its grimy elastic was just … Continue reading

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Pessimistic thoughts about the Ministry of the Interior

The issue of Ministry of Interior (MOI) reform has been on the agenda for say, about 30 years but (like everything else) only became a possibility after January 25 (or to be more precise January 28 when security forces were … Continue reading

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One year later

In the Giza court complex it is as if the revolution never happened. The same blue police vans spit out groups of handcuffed men and then hulk in front the building. Next to them groups of women seek shade and … Continue reading

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It never fucking ends 2

Here is another installment by the New York Times in its series of illuminating articles on the Arab people and their customs. SOMEWHERE ARAB: Frustrated at having to be in the vicinity of a New York Times writer, the young … Continue reading

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