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  A group of septuagenarians who took over a tour bus and crashed it defended their actions last night. “We were asked to go on this fucking tour. We didn’t invite ourselves,” Mamdouh Shaheen said as he walked away from … Continue reading

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It’s all revolution goddamit.

I don’t usually like to expound on events I haven’t witnessed first hand (I was stuck at home with flu) but can’t shut up about what happened at the Israeli Embassy last night, or more specifically the response to what … Continue reading

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Scullery skullduggery part. 2

Here is part 2 of What I did in the summer holiday by Sarah Carr aged 34. Salvation came in the form of Usta Mahmoud, who was recommended to me by my friend Karima. My friends and I did an … Continue reading

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Scullery skullduggery part 1

Warning: Not only is this post about getting a bloody kitchen installed, it’s the first of a two-part series. If – unlike me – you have better things to do than reflecting on home decorating trauma, go back to your … Continue reading

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