Bread and butter

Here is something I did on the radio.

And here I ramble on about why I didn’t vote in the referendum.

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3 Responses to Bread and butter

  1. Adele says:

    Hi Sarah

    I heard your radio piece on This American Life today and I am after a transcript of it if you have one or if you know how I could get access to one. There were a number of points you made that resonated with me very strongly. Please contact me via email if you would like. Your piece was excellent and I will be reading your blog from now on.


  2. Ken Kassem says:

    I heard about your blog on the This American Life episode and am enjoying reading it. I am also 50/50 but much less connected to Egypt than you are – but I love it and miss it.

    Can you please enable “following” on your blog? I would like to keep up when you post something.


  3. Suju says:

    Very much enjoyed the piece on TAL. Just watched “The Square” this week which was compelling but also, inevitably, already out of date. Was glad to have your take reflecting the current situation.

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