Laughing till we cry

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Sometimes it seems that Egypt does extreme tragedy and extreme comedy and nothing in between. As a result, living in this country is a bit like cohabiting with someone with a hormonal imbalance.

Egypt dazzled the world today with the revelation that a puppet is under criminal investigation. The particulars of this case are too traumatic to recount in detail, and can be read about here, but in summary telecom giant Vodafone is accused of employing a popular puppet, Abla Fahita, to send coded terrorism messages in one of its adverts. As evidence of this the instigator of the case mentions:

1.A cactus tree

2. A christmas bauble

3. Mama Toutou

The instigator concerned is non other than Ahmed ِElsayed AKA Ahmed Zbaydar, apprentice of late night television king and Freemason botherer Tawfik Okasha. Zbaydar is a lisping streak of piss who is no stranger to hair gel and who fancies himself a spy hunter.

He has been wafting about in the public sphere since 2011 when he shot to somewhere roughly 392 kilometres north of fame by appearing with Okasha and dropped earth shattering revelations about Freemasonry. He went on to fight the good fight for his beloved country by defaming opposition activists on his Facebook page. Both he and Okasha really came into their own after June 30 when their dire warnings about the Muslim Brotherhood being a secret Freemason organisation directed by Israel and America merged with popular suspicion of, and discontent with the group. And so they were brought out of the twilight slightly, along with that other grand wizard of bollocks Amr Mostafa, a music composer who also runs a Facebook page where he currently spends most of his time wishing death on members of the Muslim Brotherhood and getting many likes for doing so. His latest coup (insert joke here) was a series of illegally-got recordings of telephone conversations between opposition types in which nothing of any import was said. They were broadcast on a satellite channel with much fanfare.

And so it seems that this grand civilisation of 7,000 years is once again being held hostage by buffoons. Every country has its Glenn Beck type public figures, the difference in Egypt is that they are taken seriously where it suits the political ambitions of those at the reins and serves a useful purpose. Thus we have the Public Prosecutor accepting a complaint about a finger puppet while nobody has been charged for the deaths of nearly 1,000 people at Rab3a, because the current mood is almost fascistic in its reverence for the state and for state hegemony and for state opponents to be eliminated. If there was a page equivalent to We Are All Khaled Said now it would be Turns Out We Are All Adolf Hitler. Comedy and tragedy often overlap.

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13 Responses to Laughing till we cry

  1. Numbers says:

    I am frankly appalled at the poor level of fact-checking in this piece and the irresponsible spreading of false information.
    Abla Fahita is a hand puppet, not a finger puppet.

  2. Scott Long says:


  3. How very dare you talk shot about Mr. Ahmed Spider. He is an icon to every deranged in-the-closet gay man who is so turned on by the military uniform. Did you see him “entertain” Syrian regime forces in his 12 seconds of fame in Syria?!

  4. Cathy Brown says:

    Thanks for writing this piece. Keep us informed.

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  7. anonymous says:

    abla fahita is yet another example of the moronic level on public discourse that Egypt has descended to since the mid 60s.

    With Villa Ambron about to be crushed by the wrecker’s ball, I hope this country ends up drowning a river of khara.

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  10. JB says:

    The situation is hard to understand for non Egyptians. Indeed humor is a good way out to avoid feeling despaired. Wishing you guys the best of luck, you have good people and you deserve peace and freedom, like we all do. May God be with you in all your constructive and positive loving actions.

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