Egypt under the New July Republic



Picture by Khalid Elbaih

I wrote a thing in Jadaleyya about how shit everything is in case you give a fuck.


Egypt under the New July Republic

The prevailing characteristic of the time before the revolution, all those moons ago, was Egypt’s political moribundity.

There were elections of sorts, or at least votes went in ballot boxes but their provenance was not always from voters. Political parties did politics, sort of, following a script. There was a parliament. But outside of university campuses and the workers’ movement genuine politics was largely absent from public life. Egyptian Facebook was a very different animal back then, and while it would prove useful for mobilization in 2011 and beyond, the majority of people ignored both political developments, when there were any, and the routine and scarcely concealed abuses that were the calling card of the Hosny Mubarak era. Very few people I know voted before 2011. Very few knew or cared who their MP was. Their focus was on making a buck, minimizing encounters with the state and sheltering their families from the vicissitudes and iniquities of life in a developing country controlled by a quasi-autocratic regime, where things are tightly controlled as everything falls apart.

Read the rest of the anguish and despair here.

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