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Animals are dear to my heart. I have five cats and am essentially one more cat away from being that woman who feeds 90 street cats and never talks to humans. I was thus really upset that cats living in … Continue reading

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Norman and his abominations

My friend Hellyer alerted me to the existence of the charming thing below, a post by Norman Finkelstein in which he attacks me, slurs Human Rights Watch’s Heba Morayef and suggests that we would deserve horrible things to happen to us, … Continue reading

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Bread and butter

Here is something I did on the radio. And here I ramble on about why I didn’t vote in the referendum.

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Fun with facts

  Two opinion columns on Egypt were published this week which could usually safely be ignored but taken together present a nice example of opposite ends of the bullshit spectrum of writing on this country. The first column was published in the … Continue reading

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Laughing till we cry

Sometimes it seems that Egypt does extreme tragedy and extreme comedy and nothing in between. As a result, living in this country is a bit like cohabiting with someone with a hormonal imbalance. Egypt dazzled the world today with the … Continue reading

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keef keef

  I returned yesterday from a brief sojourn in Tunis, where I attended a one-day workshop on small arms and ate inordinate amounts of food. The last time I was in Tunis was in 2005, when I went with a … Continue reading

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A note on the imminent dispersal of the Pro-Morsy sit-ins

Every time I go to the Rab3a sit-in I think that it would be an almost impossible task to clear the people crammed into it; surely not even the Interior Ministry and armed forces would want to take on that … Continue reading

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On Sheep and Infidels

Here is something I wrote about the current mess. **** Before I begin, let me state some facts so that when people begin the ad hominem attacks they can try to rein them in within the following boundaries: I voted … Continue reading

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Zeinhom Morgue sums up everything that is wrong with the Egyptian state. It is a small box of a building down an alleyway covered both with the rich stench of excrement coming from the Brooke Animal Hospital next door and … Continue reading

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More Morsy

On my way home today an hour before sunset there was an ethereal light. It leaked through trees and between buildings and stopped, suspended. Below it the roads were almost entirely empty except for the permanent queue at the petrol … Continue reading

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