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There is no doubt some bloke sitting in some distant corner of Egyptian bureaucracy who genuinely believes that building a new capital city is the answer to Egypt’s problems. He’s probably the same genius who suggested building walls in downtown … Continue reading

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Cheesed off

I had a mildly sectarian incident caused by pasta on my flight to England. I had requested a vegan meal while booking my ticket online and knew even as I ticked the box on the website that the chances of … Continue reading

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He promised you a war

the worst thing you will ever see in your life At lunch yesterday with members of my family the subject inevitably briefly turned to ISIS. Some of them argued that the group is a foreign (intelligence service) creation, and one … Continue reading

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Charlie Hebdon’t

I don’t know which genius made this photo but to him or her I raise my hat Since world leaders give zero shits about the deaths of their own citizens never mind those of other nations the only conclusion to … Continue reading

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The Tahrir Square Defeat of Foreign Agents Youth Club

It is freezing in Egypt at the moment, the kind of cold that follows you wherever you go and harasses you, inside or outside. Drivers in their jackets drive hunched up against it. country boys turned into embassy guards light fires that … Continue reading

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Another week of Egypt

An occasional series that will appear whenever I can be arsed to produce it.  As has been the case for the past year, this week was mostly dominated by news of the Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, counter-terrorism efforts and … Continue reading

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The bridge

Just beside the Qasr el-Nil bridge tonight a man suddenly appeared, distress contorting his face as he stared alternately between a police officer and a cart filled with peanuts. He may have been crying even, it was difficult to tell. … Continue reading

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Still falling off that cliff

I had a brief sojourn in Beirut recently visiting lovely friend Hadeel. I was only there for four days so didn’t really get a chance to sit down with it and ask it about its hobbies and future ambitions in … Continue reading

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Animals are dear to my heart. I have five cats and am essentially one more cat away from being that woman who feeds 90 street cats and never talks to humans. I was thus really upset that cats living in … Continue reading

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Norman and his abominations

My friend Hellyer alerted me to the existence of the charming thing below, a post by Norman Finkelstein in which he attacks me, slurs Human Rights Watch’s Heba Morayef and suggests that we would deserve horrible things to happen to us, … Continue reading

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