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It never fucking ends 3

Thomas Friedman’s theories on the Middle East have never been relevant. He’s been a guest columnist before for Inanities and we’re lucky enough to have another contribution from him today, an expansion on this. Shuttling between luxury hotels in the … Continue reading

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حالة هيجان

Some obscenity On Saturday morning someone on Twitter tweeted that the Salafis were having a seminar on website censorship at the Cairo Conference Centre and so with nothing better to do I went along. It turned out to be a … Continue reading

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Inanities has acquired a copy of the map found during the raid legal search of foreign NGO offices in Egypt last December, proving conclusively that America wants to divide Egypt into four countries.  

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Who killed Marilyn??? The Egyptian Parliament will tell us

“Come near my gaff again and I’ll fuck you up, you cunt” A man with the wonderful name of Qadry Hasheesh came round to our house this week to take measurements for iron gates my family are installing. My aunt … Continue reading

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Football meets politics again, but differently

Some thinking out loud about the Port Said tragedy: I watched endless re-runs of the final moments of the Ahly–Masry game in Port Said in a restaurant, on a muted television. Silent images of a man triumphantly carried on someone’s … Continue reading

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Don’t know how to make this blog go dark without buggering it up, but down with the evil Internet breakers.

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So here we are, a year later, waiting for January 25th again. At the end of 2010 the country felt like it was at the end stages of some lingering, incurable disease, like it was stagnating. It had been a … Continue reading

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Army country

In Mostafa Mahmoud Square on Tuesday, a roaring man went up to another man and started slapping him across the face. There was that moment of hesitation as the accosted man processed what was going on. He looked at the … Continue reading

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Crackdown in Cairo

Here is something about Fayza’s day out at the NGOs. CAIRO – There was a flurry of good news last week in Egypt. Activist Alaa Abdel-Fattah was released on Christmas Day, Cairo’s Administrative Court issued a ruling banning “virginity tests,” … Continue reading

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Members of the One Hand Group yesterday apologised to their spiritual leaders Tawfik Okasha and amoeba Ahmed Zbaydar for failing in their duty to kill and/or imprison absolutely all Egyptians. The One Hand Group is a group of 20 retired … Continue reading

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