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The end of a thousand myths

Originally published in Egypt Independent. Amongst the mourners and the angry at the march commemorating the 1st anniversary of the Maspero massacre there was an earnest young man brandishing a sign that read, “Egyptian revolution supports Mitt Romney”. It was … Continue reading

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The temporal world

The Sayyeda Nefissa mosque is surrounded by chaos, chaos that laps at its walls and occasionally seeps inside its doors. The woman’s section is entered via an alleyway running along one side of its walls, an obstacle course of ever … Continue reading

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Video: Humiliation of the President’s member

749 Muslim Brotherhood youths and nearly 1,000 angry citizens gathered on Thursday to peacefully express their fury at the humiliation of the member and testicles of President Mohamed Morsi. During an official visit to the United States, President Morsi met … Continue reading

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A letter from Dr Ahmed Shafiq

  Hello, my dears, Dr Ahmed Shafiq here. Well, as you know I am on the doorstep of victory. In fact, I am inside the house of victory but I mustn’t say anything about that just yet. That presumptuous upstart … Continue reading

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Long & never ending, just like the transitional period itself

On the way to Baharmos on Wednesday, lost in Giza’s rural fringe, I saw a group of three men attacking a single man, one of them armed with a plank of wood. They were crossing the road as they did … Continue reading

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I was on the metro the other day when there was a kerfuffle; shouts and screams. This was in the women only carriage, so it was a high-pitched mass shriek that cut through the usual human and mechanical cacophony. A … Continue reading

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It never fucking ends 3

Thomas Friedman’s theories on the Middle East have never been relevant. He’s been a guest columnist before for Inanities and we’re lucky enough to have another contribution from him today, an expansion on this. Shuttling between luxury hotels in the … Continue reading

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حالة هيجان

Some obscenity On Saturday morning someone on Twitter tweeted that the Salafis were having a seminar on website censorship at the Cairo Conference Centre and so with nothing better to do I went along. It turned out to be a … Continue reading

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Inanities has acquired a copy of the map found during the raid legal search of foreign NGO offices in Egypt last December, proving conclusively that America wants to divide Egypt into four countries.  

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Who killed Marilyn??? The Egyptian Parliament will tell us

“Come near my gaff again and I’ll fuck you up, you cunt” A man with the wonderful name of Qadry Hasheesh came round to our house this week to take measurements for iron gates my family are installing. My aunt … Continue reading

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